hobbies music
started playing 2001
favourite bands Summoning, Wyrd, Kampfar, Manegarm, Isengard, Marduk, Besatt, Cirith Gorgor, Nagelfar, Taake, Vreid
favourite food Pizza, Pasta
favourite drinks Whiskey, Met
favourite books Everything by Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Stephen King
favourite movies Adaption, Star Wars, Sneakers, Bill and Ted I & II, Wayne's World, Eric the Viking, SalÚ
best show Therion at Zeche/Bochum, Negator at Starclub/Mülheim, Nile at Wacken 2003
slogan don't look past and remember better times.
don't look forward and be afraid of the future.
look around and enjoy the present.

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