hobbies Drums, Writing, Songwriting
started playing 2003
favourite bands Windir, Summoning, Kampfar, Blodsrit, Necrophobic, Opeth, Enslaved, Mithotyn, Helheim, Ulver, Manegarm
favourite food Steak, Cauliflower
favourite drinks Black Beer, Whisky, Met
favourite books Silmarillion, Helrunar, Steven Erikson, Edda, The Stand, The Dark Tower
favourite movies Fight Club, LoTR, Walhalla, Eric the Viking, The 13th Warrior
best show Nile, Vader at W.O.A 2003, Necrophobic at P.S.O.A 2005, Unleashed at P.S.O.A. 2004
slogan You want to backstab him with a ballista...?

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